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Lifeguard Rush is a runner that only utilises the space bar. With a fun, colourful art style, we have a tutorial and one short level for you to understand the idea we are trying to convey.

How your submission matches the theme
Our game uses only the space bar to control the lifeguard. Its up to the player to remember when they should tap it, hold it down or leave it alone.  
The game's executable package or binary

The platform(s) your game is intended to run on
Simply PC, 1920x1080 fullscreen resolution

Max Blom - Design, Programming, Audio
Fabienne Zuijdgeest - Gorgeous Art


LifeguardRush - GMTKJam.rar 22 MB


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This feels very nice, it's an endless runner, but it offers depth by giving the player a few sets of mechanics, all controlled by the same button, and when playing I really felt engaged.

If I had to point out some flaws in the build I played:

  • there was a typo in the menu (Recommended is spelled with a single C), 
  • there was no real way to quit the game other than force quitting with Alt + F4, 
  • and I feel the Onboarding level was a bit too fast paced for a beginner... 

But then again in my own entry for the GameJam this game was made for I did not even had Onboarding at all so, who am I to judge.